SILVERLINE MAIN BEARING SET / 1.0 / STANDARD / 2.0 / 1200-1600cc

Part Number 01-98-1812-S: SILVERLINE MAIN BEARING SET/1.0/STANDARD/2.0 / REF P/N: 111 198 481 02MX


SKU 01-98-1812-S


First number is case/ line bore size, second number is crank size and third number is thrust size.

Manufactured in Mexico by Silverline – an Original Equipment Supplier. Top engine builders will tell you that all aluminum center main bearings can cause increased bearing wear or premature failure and will eventually pound-out the center main web of the engine case due to the bearing’s softer construction. The cure…new Silverline Engine bearings – with STEEL Backing and an Aluminum Face. OEM Quality Main Bearings with STEEL Backing.


Weight 0.75 lbs

Bearing Type


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